Monday, September 8, 2014

A Day At The Red Door Spa || New York

 A trip to New York is never complete without a visit to The Red Door Spas by Elizabeth Arden. This was my second visit and this time I took you guys along !!! My fiancé Vaibhav also indulged in a little spa time for the first time in his life! I don't think either of us will ever forget this day coz we went to Central Park after the spa and thats where he popped the question!!!! :)

My spa session started with the Signature Red Door Facial which is the best thing you can do for your skin!!! My skin wasn't great coz I had been travelling a lot and shooting videos non-stop for you guys, so it just lapped up all the pampering.  This is an elaborate facial with many steps and they use all these amazing Red Door Spa products to leave your skin as soft as a baby's bottom! You can watch lovely therapist working on my face in the video below.  After my facial I went in for a 50 minute Signature Massage which is definitely by far one of the best massages I have had. They have these cozy heated massage beds  that will make you relax as soon as you lie down. The therapist works on you part by part relaxing every muscle in your body! 

Vaibhav's not someone who goes to a spa regularly or gets a relaxing massage so I was curious about how he felt post all this! His spa session included the Gentelmen's Facial & the 50 Minute Signature Massage and here's what he had to say, "The massage was just what I needed after walking all over New York for five days. The aromatherapy aspect to the massage was really refeshing. It was my first time at a spa and I will be going back very soon "

I also bought some of my favourite Elizabeth Arden products from the store above the spa. I got the Eight Hour Cream & the Ceramide Capsules !!!! 

Thank you Red Door Spa's for spoiling me and pampering me on such a special day!!!

Here are some pictures and a video from my spa visit...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lakme Salon 'Show Stopping Hair' - Backstage To The Front Row!!!

Shailesh Moolya, Creative Hair Director, Lakmé Salons, Little Shilpa & Sushma Khan, National Makeup & Skin Trainer,  Lakmé Salons

Hello My Lovlies!!!

       As promised I've got you loads of pictures and a video of the Lakme Salon "Show Stopping Hair" Show styled by Little Shilpa. Im gonna take you guys right from backstage to the front row!!!!

      The show was definitely one of the best shows at Lakme Fashion Week this season, everything from the models to the choreography to the elaborate hairstyles was amazing. I would have to say my favourite sequence would have to be 'Illusion' which was inspired by the Northern Lights and choreographed beautifully with lasers .

      The show also had the likes of super models Carol Gracias & Diandra Soares walking the ramp and adding to the glamour at fashion week. Shailesh Moolya, Creative Hair Director, Lakme Salons and Little Shilpa need to take a bow coz this was truly a one of a kind show that was a delight to watch.

Here are some images from backstage, the rehearsals & the main show. I have also shot a video for you guys!!! So enjoy the photos and the show!!!

Lets go backstage!!!

Getting ready for an afro!!!

The Lakme Salon team hard at work.

Its all about big hair this season.

Love this hairstyle!

What a line up!!! Time for rehearsals!!!
Carol Gracias at the rehearsal!!!

Anyone needs a safety pin?

Sexy Diandra Soares rehearses for the Moulin Rouge sequence. 

Moulin Rouge!!!

But first let me take a selfie!

Sitting on the front row wearing the lovely headband from the Lakme Salon press kit!

Carol Gracias opens the show with a dramatic act.
Sexy Diandra Soares!!!

Thats what you call a hair show!

This hairstyle reminds me of Game Of Thrones :)
A knotty affair!
Illusion inspired by the Northern Lights! 
Just an illusion!!!

What a show!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lakme Salon Presents The Show Stopping Hair Collection At Lakme Fashion Week 2014

Hello Lovlies!!!
Lakme Fashion Week has begun!!! This fashion week there are a lot of new and different things to look forward to and I don’t just mean the new venue i.e. The Palladium Hotel. Usually fashion week  is all about the clothes and how the makeup & hair compliment them, but not this time!!! Im super excited to tell you guys that Lakme salon is having a hair show at fashion week and the hair is the hero this time! Lakme salon presents 'Show Stopping Hair’ where you will see the biggest hair trends from the Indian Runways at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festival 2014. 

The collection aims to revolutionize hair fashion in India which Im totally for!!! A lot of people pick their outfit first and then style their hair around it but sometimes I think its more fun to do the opposite ;) The show has been conceptualised and crafted by Lakmé Salon experts with international hairstyle maestro Winnie Loo, and styled by designer Little Shilpa, it looks like its going to be one of the best shows this week.

 The collection includes three dramatic themes: 
  • ‘Illusion’, inspired by the natural phenomenon of the ‘Northern Lights’, it is a playful fusion of colors.
  • ‘Metamorphosis’ inspired by the complex art forms of postmodern Paris, it is the line of dual hairstyles and textures ranging from straight and curly, to short and long.
  • ‘Moulin Rouge’, a modern take on the ‘classic elegant’ with bouffants and waves.

Here’s what Shailesh Moohya and Little Shilpa have to say about the show...

Shailesh Moolya, National Hair Trainer, Lakmé Salons states “Lakmé Salon have been the backstage experts at Lakmé Fashion Week since its inception, and through the ‘Show Stopping Hair’ collection, this expertise in hair styling will be the focus on the ramp. By introducing the latest looks and trends that are making waves internationally, we aim to create excitement on the Indian runway like never before. We have created styles that are avant-garde as well as conventional, keeping in mind women with various hair lengths, personalities, professions.” 

Little Shilpa adds, “Lakmé Salon and I share a common belief that “Fashion goes beyond clothing”. I was delighted when I got the opportunity to style the ‘Show Stopping Hair’ collection for them as their vision of making Indian women runway ready, matches perfectly with my fashion style and statement.”

I can’t wait for 22nd of August!!! And don’t worry guys Im taking you all along ;) I am going to shoot a video and take you right from the pre show backstage madness to the front row of the show!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Huge NYC Beauty & Fashion Haul!!!

I obviously bought a lot of stuff in NYC!!!! I thought it would be fun to split up the beauty and fashion items and do two hauls, one on my YouTube channel and one here. I have already posted the video and if you haven't watched it yet then take a look now!!!

My beauty haul is much smaller than the fashion one and I honestly haven't bought a lot. Coz you get most things in India now and honestly I don't need a lot of stuff at the moment. So heres what I got...

First up is my Maybelline concealer. This is the same one I buy in India but the shade I  use has been out of stock for a while so I picked it up in NY!!! I bought this for around $6 I think.

This is a pouch for my eyeshadow brushes from H & M and it was for $ 5.95 !!!

I have been dying to get a foil manicure!!! I got this kit from Urban Outfitters on sale for just
$ 1.99 !!! And guess what it was priced at originally? $ 16 !!!!

I bought these last year from Bed, Bath & Beyond and I just had to go back and get more!!!
32 makeup sponges for less than $3 !!! Steal I say!!! 

I have been wanting to try a new razor so I picked this one up. The razor was $12 I think but the blades were more expensive. I bought extra blades coz I haven't seen the embrace sensitive ones in India.

You all know how I love stains. This one is from Forever 21 and it was just $ 3.80!!!

Tear drop sponges and blenders have been on my shopping list for a while. This lovely mint one is
 from Forever 21 for $ 3.80 which is not cheap but I really loved loved the colour.

This is definitely the best lip balm ever!!! It tastes yummy
and keeps your lips hydrated, this was for $ 3.50

I bought this electric blue nail paint from H & M for $ .
 I just loved the colour!!!! This was  for $ 3.95 :)

So guys thats all the stuff I bought from NYC!!!  Let me know in the comments if you guys want me to  review any of the products!!! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunsilk Style Studio - New York!!!

Hello Lovlies!!!
       Im back from NYC and what a wonderful time I had!!! Got soooooo much to share!!!! This was the second time I attended the Sunsilk Style Studio Blogger meet and I have to say it was bigger and better than the last. In 2013 I was blown away by what Sunsilk had planned and I thought that it wold be impossible to top that but yet again they surprised us and spoiled us rotten. Three days of fun with amazing girls from across the globe and heres what happened..

Day One

The first day is always amazing!!! We started our day with a massive breakfast at this lovely quaint cafe called Buvette followed by shopping at Bleeker street .  We made sure we stopped off at Magnolia for some mid-day desert before heading over to Soho for more Shopping. Then there was lunch at Balthazar and then we went off to Barney's where each of us got a gift card worth 250$ and I bought two gorgeous pairs of shoes!!! And finally our sightseeing & shopping day ended with a chariot ride around Central Park.
After this we went to a beautiful roof top restaurant for a meet & greet with the Sunsilk experts.  What a perfect day!!!
Time for breakfast!
The best breakfast ever!!!

Meeting some of the other bloggers!!!Meet Karen, Eunice & Lulu!!!


Magnolia bakery!!!
Banana pudding! Yumzaaaaa!!!

High on sugar!!!

Balthazar at SOHO!!!

Oysters for lunch! 
My cheese burger!!!

Whats in my bag!!! 

Central Park!!!

All set to meet the experts!!! From L to R - Soledad, Karen, Karla, Me, Lulu, NIl & Eunice 
Sunsilk expert Jamal Hammadi N me!!! 

Sunset in New York...

 Day Two

Time to start shooting!!! Day two was the indoor shoot at the studio with photographer Anna Wolf. 
So we had all these lovely sets and props to play with !!! My favourite was definitely the Photo Booth!!! 

Day 2!!!
Getting ready with Eunice!!! 

Time to get rid of all that frizz!

On set :)

Goofing around with Jamal Hammadi !!!

With the lovely  Dr Francesca Fusco

Look for the day!

Now thats a great prop!!!

My name is on the mug!!!

With colourist to the stars Rita Hazan!!!

Book balancing pro!!! 
Love this shot!!!

In conversation with Jamal Hammadi!

Hula hooping around!!!


Soledad is from Peru and her blog is
Eunice is from Singapore and her blog is

Meet Nil from Turkey & Karen from Brazil!!! Check out their blogs &

Lulu is from Argentina and her blog is
Karla is from Mexico & this is her YouTube Channel 

 Day Three

This day has got to be my favourite!!! We shot at the Brooklyn bridge park and on the Brooklyn bridge and I  really can't wait to see what the final pictures look like! 

Look for day 3!

Fendi shoes!!!

Sunsilk expert Teddy Charles , Eunice & me!!!

Picnic time!!!  

With Anna Wolf!!!

Bright is beautiful!
Time to cycle!!!

I love my job!

Meet the Sunsilk Style Studio Pros !!! Year 2!!!

With expert Thomas Taw!

Marching up the Brooklyn Bridge!

Shooting on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Its a wrap!!!

Thank you Sunsilk for yet another memorable trip, a fantastic shoot and lots of new friends!!!!